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  1. The amazing appearing man, and the astonishing disappearing Jesus

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    10/07/2014 by Chris Green


    The preacher was accomplished and confident; he held the concentration of the crowd, and he certainly had my attention.  Although …
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  2. The value of a keynote series of sermons


    02/06/2014 by Chris Green


    My normal practice is to preach through a book of the Bible. The speed we’ll take it at will depend …
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  3. The Treasure lies in the Text

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    21/05/2014 by Chris Green

    Yesterday I had the same experience, twice, in different settings. With a bible open in front of me, I looked …
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  4. Four reasons I have lots of bibles. And why I have one I don’t read.


    03/04/2014 by Chris Green


      Moving house recently meant that there was huge encouragement to de-clutter.  And I did the brave thing of not …
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  5. Why I give sermon handouts – ten reasons


    20/02/2014 by Chris Green


    Each Sunday I’m giving out handouts for the sermon, rather than just leaving an empty box (‘For your sermon notes’) …
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  6. More than enough for any preacher

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    17/02/2014 by Chris Green


    I’d had more than enough of being an itinerant preacher. For the past dozen years or so I’ve been free …
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  7. 2013 Top posts #2 – Six parts of planning a sermon series


    30/12/2013 by Chris Green


    The easy way to plan your sermon series is to open your Bible, mark up your main section divisions, and …
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  8. 2013 Top posts #4 – My 10 top take-aways from Matt Chandler


    28/12/2013 by Chris Green


    We had a really encouraging and enthusiastic afternoon with Matt Chandler. Here are my top takeaways:- Parents – We need …
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  9. 2013 Top posts #6 – Book Review: The Gospel Transformation Bible, and NIV Proclamation Bible


    24/12/2013 by Chris Green


    Two new Bibles have just thumped onto my desk. They are both handsome specimens of their kind, and I thought …
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  10. 2013 Top posts #9 – The three main reasons Group Bible Studies have problems

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    18/12/2013 by Chris Green


    I don’t mean the oddities of the people who turn up, or lack of prayer – but the clue’s in …
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  11. The preacher’s anxiety dream


    02/12/2013 by Chris Green


    I think the shortest time I ever had to prepare a talk, was around five minutes. It was all down …
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  12. Truth vs. Unity. Who wins?

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    15/11/2013 by Chris Green


    Life as a leader will be tough, and will demand self-discipline. But while it’s realistic to admit that it’s tough, …
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  13. Old dogs, new tricks

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    31/10/2013 by Chris Green


    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, it’s said. (Actually, I’ve failed to teach our dog any tricks, but …
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  14. Priorities – Word and…?

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    25/10/2013 by Chris Green


    I got it wrong again this week.  In public, which was a touch embarrassing.  .. I was speaking to a …
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  15. Five prayers for preachers to pray


    21/10/2013 by Chris Green


    There are several prayers that I regularly pray as a preacher. 1. Lord, show them what you have shown me. …
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  16. Pumping up the bouncy castle

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    10/10/2013 by Chris Green


    I was taught at seminary that my role was to do myself out of a job. The great temptation of …
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  17. What did the Reformation ever do for us?


    08/10/2013 by Chris Green


    It was one of the foundational insights of the Reformers – the priesthood of all believers. No more priestly caste, …
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  18. “A book to make you love the local church” (Amazon ✰✰✰✰✰)


    02/10/2013 by Chris Green


    You can now order ‘The Message of the Church‘ at 20% discount from IVP-US (the British IVP edition has reached #1 …
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  19. The sweetness of Scripture

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    02/09/2013 by Chris Green


    Top of my list of warning signs for those of us in ministry, is that it’s fatally easy for Christian …
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  20. 19+1 ways to lead a Bible Study


    04/07/2013 by Chris Green

    bible study methos

    If your bible studies are feeling stuck in a rut because you always approach passages in the same kind of …
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