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  1. The awful danger of running for the wrong prize


    27/03/2014 by Chris Green

    The poster announced the speakers at the University Christian Union, and the name of one of my friends was on …
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  2. Why I give sermon handouts – ten reasons


    20/02/2014 by Chris Green


    Each Sunday I’m giving out handouts for the sermon, rather than just leaving an empty box (‘For your sermon notes’) …
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  3. More than enough for any preacher

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    17/02/2014 by Chris Green


    I’d had more than enough of being an itinerant preacher. For the past dozen years or so I’ve been free …
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  4. Inside the preacher’s head (3): The journey a preacher makes


    24/01/2014 by Chris Green


    One of the strange things to have happened to me, moving back into church-based ministry, is the experience of preaching …
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  5. Inside the preacher’s head (2) Life change? Every time?


    22/01/2014 by Chris Green


    I was chatting to a younger minister, a few years out of seminary, but still getting the hang of things. …
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  6. Inside the preacher’s head (1): “That’ll Preach”


    20/01/2014 by Chris Green


    There’s a curious, clarifying moment that happens.  It’s impossible to engineer, but without it preaching feels lifeless, by rote. And …
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  7. I can’t read your mind…

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    10/01/2014 by Chris Green


    You cannot read my mind. You might misunderstand me, mishear me, hear what you prefer to hear, or hear what …
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  8. 2013 Top posts #1 (your choice) – Shh! The introvert is preaching.


    31/12/2013 by Chris Green


    A ministry apprentice once asked me a really sharp question. After meeting a number of pastors, all of whom paid …
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  9. 2013 Top posts #2 – Six parts of planning a sermon series


    30/12/2013 by Chris Green


    The easy way to plan your sermon series is to open your Bible, mark up your main section divisions, and …
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  10. 2013 Top posts #3 – How to have a famous guest preacher every Sunday


    28/12/2013 by Chris Green


    “And today, we have a guest preacher….” ….you’ve probably had weeks where you wished you could say that on Sunday. …
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  11. 2013 Top posts #4 – My 10 top take-aways from Matt Chandler


    28/12/2013 by Chris Green


    We had a really encouraging and enthusiastic afternoon with Matt Chandler. Here are my top takeaways:- Parents – We need …
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  12. 2013 Top posts #5 – How many introverts…?


    26/12/2013 by Chris Green


    Well, that was interesting. My piece on introverts and preaching generated more hits than any other piece on this blog. …
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  13. 2013 Top posts #7 Making sure you’re preaching to the right people


    22/12/2013 by Chris Green


    So, sitting with a group of pastors, we were discussing how we can improve as preachers. The generally agreed first …
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  14. 2013 Top posts #8 – Why no-one was converted, and I wasn’t that surprised


    20/12/2013 by Chris Green


    I don’t think anyone became a Christian that night, and it’s not that surprising. The passage  was unusual, certainly, and …
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  15. 2013 Top posts, #10 – How to read a commentary, and avoid my four rookie errors


    16/12/2013 by Chris Green

    more books

    I nearly drowned this week.  Not physically, but mentally. I’d started work on a talk, and pulled four commentaries off …
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  16. That Christmas turkey of a sermon


    11/12/2013 by Chris Green


    As Christmas comes round and carol services appearing the diary, I’m always reminded of one particular conversation, and of the …
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  17. Look at me when you’re talking to me!


    04/12/2013 by Chris Green

    Preaching, eye contact, notes

    Here’s a free gift to help you develop as a preacher, or to help you help others. Compare two preachers …
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  18. The preacher’s anxiety dream


    02/12/2013 by Chris Green


    I think the shortest time I ever had to prepare a talk, was around five minutes. It was all down …
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  19. “I see that hand!” #evangelismfail


    28/11/2013 by Chris Green


    Out of the best of motives, at the end of my evangelistic talk, I invited the young people who prayed …
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  20. Five prayers for preachers to pray


    21/10/2013 by Chris Green


    There are several prayers that I regularly pray as a preacher. 1. Lord, show them what you have shown me. …
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