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Leadership in churches is in crisis – is it our crying need, or our crying shame?

In my new book I explore the biblical shape of leadership as a Ministry of the Word, with punchy chapters, lots of stories, and even a joke.

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New for 2021

NEW FOR ONLINE CHURCH IN 2021 @church – is online, off limits? Read more

The collected essays of Mike Ovey, who died aged 59 in 2017, one of our most gifted evangelical theologians. Read more.

Applying the bible in our preaching is one of our most important jobs – but it’s hard work, and often feels like we’re guessing. Here are biblical models and guidelines to sharpen your skills.  Read more

The Church is the place God has designed for Christians to grow, praise, worship, serve and love.  This book fits in the BST Themes series, and is rooted in bible expositions, with loads of current and relevant application for church leaders and members. Read more

The Book of Acts is exciting and powerful, but it raises all kinds of puzzles for preachers.  The Word of His Grace looks at principles for reading a narrative book, how we preach it, and contains lots of practical material. Read more

UPDATED FOR 2021. They’re not read much these days, which is our loss, because 2 Peter and Jude pack a powerful and relevant punch.  Written with Dick Lucas, this is in the Bible Speaks Today series. Read more

2 Timothy

Punchy, relevant exposition of 2 Timothy – not a shrinking violet but a talented young leader in serious spiritual danger.  Read more

John Stott, Jim Packer, Don Carson and a dozen others all wrote a book of essays on preaching, to honour the ministry of Dick Lucas. Brilliant, fizzing stuff.  Read more