Review: ESV Journaling Bible UPDATED



Giving talks, obviously. Leading bible studies, of course. Perhaps some personal work, and reading a psalm with someone in trouble.

But the first and most important duty of your bible is to feed you spiritually, and keep you connected with the head, the Lord Jesus. Because if the enemy can disconnect you from him, then nothing else in your ministry will bear any fruit at all. Crossway has been publishing some journaling bibles, and although I was initially sceptical of the concept they’ve won me over. Single column ESV, with two inch margins on each side for notes. It comes in a discreet black, like a Moleskine, a defiant red and my favourite, a rugged, outdoorsie cowhide. The first two are very reasonably priced, and there are some deep discounts on the leather one if you hunt. (Update – I have used the cowhide for a couple of years now, and it is not only holding up well, but the leather is weathering gorgeously)
20130618-091700.jpg 20130618-092020.jpg 20130618-092417.jpg

The page is cleanly laid out, and if my only gripe is the size of the font, then I reach for my reading glasses. 20130618-091322.jpg 20130618-091137.jpg And my plan is that one of these becomes a bible for me. Other bibles get scribbled over with potential outlines for sermons, notes on words, stuff I need to remember. (Don’t I know I can do that electronically? Yes. Come the day when I can afford to have five iPads open on my desk, I’ll give up having five books open on my desk) Quiet times, retreats, reordering my heart – this for no one else but me. I think they’re a brilliant idea. Crossway has a page. And J. Mark Bertrand has a review.

Do you use a Bible like this? How have you found it?

3 comments on “Review: ESV Journaling Bible UPDATED”

  1. Hi Chris, I know this is an old post but I’ve only just come across it (I’m slowly reading your old posts).

    Two years ago I purchased the ESV ‘Blank Bible’ with a whole page, for writing notes, inserted between each page of the bible. It’s bulky but brilliant for journaling.

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve been really helped through it.


    1. Thanks, Tim. Yes I’ve seen that ‘Edwards’ bible online and liked the look of it, but I still have plenty of space in my margins for a few years yet. You’ll be pleased to know that the leather does age well, looking and feeling lovely.

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