Pre-orders for The Gift now live!

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I’m really excited to announce that The Gift is now available to pre-order, ahead of launch day on August 19.

IVP here

Amazon here 

10ofthose here

Why preorder?  Apart from beating the queue?

Because it really helps IVP and booksellers to get a feel for demand.  It would bad business for them to stock just five copies, and run out a minute after midnight! So you’d be helping me too.

And so would leaving a review and a star rating.

Now, the even better news.

After you’ve preordered, send a copy of your receipt to I’ll then send you a pdf of some bonus material, written in the light of some high-profile leadership challenges over the last few months.  It’s not specific to one problem, or denomination, or country – it’s looking at something which is in the pages of the New Testament, and has erupted regularly through church history.  That moment when a dominant ego turns a church into a cult.

Quote it, tweet it, hashtag the life out of it. #thegiftlaunch.

And one last bonus – I have a Facebook group about the launch. I’ll be sharing some more giveaways there (some really cool stuff I like!), doing some live bits and pieces, and you’ll get a digital edition of the book ahead of time so you can get ahead with reading and sharing it.

You can find it here –  Join in, and share the fun, which will get going properly in July. Invite others too!


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