The Gift is now published!

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I’m delighted that The Gift is now available to buy.

I wrote it because decent, biblical leadership is a deep need in our churches, and one we are failing to meet. Had working pastors are preaching good sermons – and leaving the teaching there. Or, knowing that there’s work to do, they reach for the latest business best seller – only to find that it’s soulless and driven.

And we continue to see the tragic consequences of power-seeking, status-seeking, self-centred, self-indulgent leadership. Leave aside incompetence. And then there’s abuse.

Is there a biblical way of framing the problem, and then getting a better answer?

I’m convinced that there is.

‘Leadership’ is a spiritual gift, which when aligned with gifted teaching, enables a church to flourish as Christ intends.

Leadership happens when we ask, ‘How do we obey God’s Word, together?’

I’ve wrapped it up in some stories, chopped it into short chapters for busy people, with summaries and process questions to help it get real for you, and even put in some jokes.

You can get it wherever Christian books can be found.

IVP has it here

10ofthose has it here

Amazon has it here.

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