Cutting to the Heart – Applying the Bible in Preaching and teaching


One of the major problems for any preacher or teacher is how we apply the Bible today.  In this book, which were originally lectures at Moore Theological College in Sydney, I take you through the basic theology and skills you need to have in your toolkit.

I wrote it because in all the shelves of books on preaching, there are a bare handful on application, and yet this is a good half of our preparation, and a good slice of our message.

There are reproducible diagrams, worked examples, and relevant passages, together with engagement with the contemporary issues.

Peter Lewis, says: I have read, over the years, a number of books on preaching which I have particularly valued. They included books by Martyn Lloyd Jones (classic); John Stott (comprehensive); Haddon Robinson (perceptive and practical); and Bryan Chapell (comprehensive and superb – the best buy I know).  Beside these I found hugely helpful (and endlessly quotable in sermons!) Preaching to a Post-modern World: a Guide to ReachingTwenty-first Century Listeners by Graham Johnston (Baker 2001) and, very salutary, Preaching that Speaks to Womenby Alice P. Matthews (Baker 2003). Both of these have a foreword by Haddon Robinson and both I would make compulsory reading in any course on preaching.

Now I have another which I would put on a par with all these for excellence. It is Chris Green’s book Cutting to the Heart: Applying the Bible in Teaching and Preaching.”

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