Month: February 2016

What happens before, and what happens after, a sermon

Every so often I go away on a conference to sharpen my preaching skills – in fact, I’m on one at the moment. Something like this has popped up in my diary every year since – well, since a long time ago, and it is one of the top two things that help me improve. 

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Trying to push another little project here…

The speakers list keeps growing! Spread the word London, October 12-15 2016 will see a unique gathering of missionaries, mission societies, pastors, theologians and church members, to think and pray about Mission in the Third Millennium. Speakers will come from around the world, and will include: From the US George Verwer, the founder of Operation Mobilisation Deborah Chapman, Mothers’

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When the passage is just too hard: ten tips for preaching the really tough stuff

This week has given me the preacher’s headache: a really, really difficult passage.  One of those ones where the commentaries delight in saying, ‘This is one of the most problematic texts in the canon’.  One where you start to wonder if you will have anything useful to say come Sunday, or if anyone will notice

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