Month: January 2013

Christian beauty 2: Christ our gorgeous priest

Yesterday was gorgeous.  The sky was palest blue, dusted with pink and orange, there was enough snow to reflect the winter sunlight, and enough mist to make it soft at the edges. The God who made that is gorgeous. His wisdom and righteousness are breathtaking. Even the gorgeousness of creation, which he decided, using a

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A blank canvas

The Culture section of my Sunday paper covers the same things every week: plays and music, opera and ballet, books, movies and the rest.  And only very rarely is anything remotely Christian covered. Which a moment’s reflection would show, is very odd. Because, before the last half century, any artistic contribution only made sense with

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The gospel is all about growth.  Jesus’ kingdom will be one over every tribe, nation and language. The earth will be filled with his glory as the oceans cover the sea. He told parables about growing plants, frothing yeast, bursting wineskins, full harvests – did he tell any about decline? That means the gospel grows

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