Month: October 2013

What people see when they look at pastors

‘They’re watching’  Not in a creepy sense, I hope, but every Sunday, every meeting, every conversation, you are being watched. Why? Because you are supposed to be a model of being a mature Christian.  People learn from you how they are supposed to be Christians.  Paul told Titus, ‘Show yourself in all respects to be

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What makes you feel strong?

Identifying your strengths is a key part of finding a job or moving on in your career at the moment. Knowing your contribution will lead to your personal satisfaction and worth, and to your being productive and energised. Perhaps the most engaging exponent of this view is Marcus Buckingham. A Brit living in the States,

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Should we be fighting fires, or lighting them?

One of the first, simplest, and best tools for time-management is to distinguish the urgent from the important. But I discovered this week that it has hidden, secret powers. You know how it goes of course: the threat is that the urgent drowns out the important. And so every time management system I’ve seen has

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What did the Reformation ever do for us?

It was one of the foundational insights of the Reformers – the priesthood of all believers. No more priestly caste, because we confess our sins to “The Reverend One-Another” They even did away with the very word. ‘Presbyter’, or ‘elder’ was preferred, and the anchor point of their work was teaching. But because we are

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Does your church have a long tail?

It’s one of the big theories about the Web.  Chris Anderson first outlined it in his book, ‘The Long Tail’, and the marketing guru Seth Godin riffs on it endlessly.  And it’s so nearly right it’s important to see that it’s completely wrong.   It goes like this: at one time the only way to

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“A book to make you love the local church” (Amazon ✰✰✰✰✰) “Breath-taking” (Churchman)

You can now order ‘The Message of the Church‘ at 20% discount from IVP-US (the British IVP edition has reached #1 BestSeller on Just click on the link  here. You can order the UK edition from IVP here at a 28% discount. And it becomes even cheaper if you buy several copies to read in your small group

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