Book launch – From Now On. Available June 1

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When I became a Christian, all I needed to know was in a little booklet called Journey 41oI7EH0hOL._UY250_into Life, by Norman Warren.  It clearly and simply explained the gospel and how to respond to it. And I did.  Many thousands of people became Christians through that booklet.

Then there was his follow-up booklet, called The Way Ahead.  It covered 41uJUiyhieL._SL500_SX304_BO1,204,203,200_why and how to pray, why and how to read the bible, how to deal with temptation – so simply and clearly.

It’s not hard to find booklets like Journey into Life.  Our welcome desk at church has several, in a number of languages.

But what do you give someone who has just become a Christian? Where is the equivalent of The Way Ahead?

From now on Cover devThat’s why I’ve written From Now On – first steps for new Christians.  It’s a brief giveaway booklet which costs pennies not pounds, and it covers the basics of living as Christian from one of the early sermons in Acts.

It’s being published by the Good Book Company in the UK and the US, and it’s available from June 1.



Click to order from The Good Book UK here

Click to order from The Good Book US here


1 comments on “Book launch – From Now On. Available June 1”

  1. Thanks Chris, I have been looking for a book like this, having seen Norman Warren’s book. Look forward to the launch and being able to buy a load.

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