Passion for Life 2014

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240319669_640Next year will see a second “Passion for Life”, as evangelical churches across the UK co-ordinate their evangelism for one intense week.

If youd like to find out more, and perhaps get your church involved in the events, there’s a promotional vimeo clip here (requires Flash).

And is already offering the training DVDs for small groups.  It’s called A Passion to Witness, and there are nine engaging and interactive sessions:

  1. What is the gospel?
  2. Why should we share the gospel?
  3. Why don’t we share the gospel?
  4. How to pray when sharing the gospel
  5. How to tell my story
  6. Using the Bible to share the gospel
  7. How should we answer questions?
  8. How to lead someone to Christ
  9. How to push the boundaries of our church.

You can get a taster here.

Disclosure: I present session 8, but I have no financial interest in promoting this.

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