100 today!



This is my 100th post since I started last summer, and so I thought it was time to get some feedback. So, I have two simple questions:

  • Why do you visit ministrynutsandbolts.com?
  • What’s the most important thing that the blog could help you with?

Comments below – and thanks in advance!


6 comments on “100 today!”

  1. I visit you site because I know you. Second I visit you site because you push me to do ministry better. You passion for a better church doing better ministry matters. I like you see beyond just weekly Sunday by Sunday, you ask for more than that, to prepare for a better ministry for a longer term delivery and thinking. Thanks

  2. 1. It give me something short and manageable to read to help and challenge me in ministry. Sometimes it reminds me of what I know, sometimes it pushes me somewhere knew.

    2. I think the insights that I can’t or am not likely to read in books/elsewhere on ministry.


  3. I read because I know you and you remind me to read by posting on Facebook. I trust what you say.

    I like the style in which you write. It’s helpful and practical stuff which often starts a conversation with my (Minister) husband or helps us to dig deeper into how we’re seeking to serve in our parish. I don’t read a lot of blogs because I’m not an academic and the ones I seem to stumble across lose me in the second paragraph. Yours is short, pithy, practical and yet still teaches me from scripture.

    I look forward to the next 100.

  4. I’m a 25 year old guy and I like relaxing by reading blogs.

    I read yours as:
    I value hearing older, more mature Christians’ thoughts on anything.

    You have a gift for writing clearly, which makes your articles enjoyable to read.

    I hope that from time to time (I think this is right) you may comment on significant news items with a more godly perspective than I have!

    I hope that the blog may remind me of Jesus from time to time (I enjoyed your post on why God loves pastors).

    I hope that anything on preaching or Bible teaching will help me to teach others better (I help lead a Bible study one a week).

    Posts on being a good husband would particularly help me, but I fully appreciate that I’m not the typical target audience (I’m not a full-time pastor).

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