Summer flew by, didn’t it?

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20130830-164745.jpg I met a local minister in a car park the other day, and he was already looking flustered. The summer is over, the term card hasn’t been sorted, and September’s here, which means one blink and we’ll be singing ‘Hark the Herald.’

Deep breath, don’t panic.

Make a cup of coffee and grab a pen and a pad. And then focus on this:

Write down five (and only five) priorities for the next five weeks. These will be the few but major things, the one or two relationships, the difficult planning for Christmas, that you are going to focus on. Just five. And you’re going to make an intentional and significant dent in each one.

So choose them with care.

Write them on a card to keep with your credit cards. Stick them in Evernote – just make sure you have them with you. Each and every day, whatever else you do, you’ll pray about them and then do something on each one of those five, and at the end of the week, you’ll have a staff meeting with yourself to see how you did.

Just five. Every day. For five weeks.

And at the start of October we’ll see how you’ve done.

I’d love to find out your five. Use the comments below:

(And if you’re wondering, this is Bill Hybel’s idea, and it is beautifully simple and powerful)

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