The great evangelistic giveaway


This Sunday, we’re heading into a couple of big evangelistic opportunities and we intend to harvest.

We are gently evangelistic all the time, of course, and there are plenty of opportunities to respond to the gospel.  But once in a while it’s good to shake the tree.

And this time we’ve put together a collection of items to give to people beginning their Christian life.  Rather than just a gospel or a booklet, we’re going the hole hog.  And I’d love you to pile in below, with  your suggestions about what else to include.


It’s all in a plastic wallet with a cover sheet, and then inside there’s

  • A brief letter from me, with a simple comment on gospel assurance and my contact details
  • An invitation to our next course, this time Christianity Explored, with booking details
  • An evangelistic booklet, this time “Christmas in three words’, by Vaughan Roberts
  • A copy of Mark’s gospel
  • A recording of a talk a gave recently, on ‘Why should I become a Christian’, topped and tailed with some nice music and an introduction.  Next time I’d want to add a talk on ‘How do I know I’ve become a Christian’ as well.

What do you think – too much, not enough or wrong target?  Pile in!

4 comments on “The great evangelistic giveaway”

  1. Hi Chris, Sounds a great idea, and if you want to go the whole nine yards how about a small choccy as a gift!

  2. Thanks, Dave – a year on, and it’s largely the same. We have three talks: How can I be sure Christianity is true, How can I become a Christian, and How can I be sure that I am a Christian. They all come from Luke, so we give away Luke’s gospel instead. They steadily go from the back of church!

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