Gospel Transformation Study Bible – here’s why you should buy one today!

The Gospel Transformation Bible is an outstanding study Bible at a remarkable price. Here’s why you should buy one today.


I’ve blogged before about how much I like the Gospel Transformation Bible, but it’s having an upgrade in its binding and a major relaunch price cut in the process, so let me put my spotlight on it again.

In summary GTB is not a new translation – it’s the ESV.  Although of all the editions of the ESV I have (and I do own a few!), this is the cleanest and clearest: I’m not on speaking terms with all the design language, but the paper is nice and bright, the typeface crisp, and the ink solid black.  You can see a sample here: one pleasant feature is that the study notes are distinguished by using a different font altogether: this keeps it legible but without the fuss of some other study bibles.

But enough about the pretty: what I really like about GTB is the angle it takes in those study notes.  The focus is on decent biblical theology landing in proper application. The new NIV study bible is really good on biblical theology (ESV leans towards systematics – equally good, but different); the New Living Translation does application (less good on Biblical Theology) – GTB does the full sequence, with a depth of scholarly insight and also the pastoral wisdom.

So as a preacher, this is a really useful addition to my desk.  There is a clear choice to made between the ESV and the NIV, you don’t really need both (though they are a nice pairing), but GTC is different and extremely helpful. I’ve just checked the notes for the passage I’m preaching on next, and I’ve been given ideas, phrases, illustrations that no other commentary or study bible has come close to.

For a while, the good people at 10ofthose are providing the new leather and trutone editions at a ludicrously, stupidly low price.

This is a brilliant bargain of an outstanding edition.  Grab one.

Full disclosure: those same good people have given me a review copy of this edition, but I’m not an affiliate, and those links don’t generate anything for me.  I really do like this edition.

6 comments on “Gospel Transformation Study Bible – here’s why you should buy one today!”

  1. Thanks Chris. Superb, succinct Review. 10ofthose don’t stock the leather version – do you know if they will in future? Or should I go for the hardback?

  2. Thanks, Dave! In that case, they’ve run out already. Check if they have the tritone edition (also a bargain); if not the ordinary hardback will be fine

    1. Thanks again, Chris. There is just something sumptuously attractive about leather-bound – the Apple affect!

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