The Message of The Church’ (BST)



God’s People is one of the Bible’s biggest themes, from the opening of Adam and Eve in the Garden, through to the numberless millions in the New Jerusalem at the end.  And at every stage in between, God gathers his people together.

In this book I aim to explain why, based on a series of bible expositions running from Genesis to Revelation.  Along the way all the hot-button topic are covered.

Each chapter ends with a Study and Action guide, designed to help you, or your church’s leadership team, turn what you’re learnt into relevant material for your church.

“…a robust look at the Bible’s theology on being gathered together. This will be good for leadership teams and also thinking church members. A useful addition to your churches bookstore.

Highly commended.”
Evangelical Ministry Assembly 2013

“(An) extremely valuable treatment of a number of issues vital to the life and witness of our churches. I would hope that all church leaders would buy a copy, read it, discuss it with their fellow leaders, and then develop an action plan for their church.”

John Beignet; Partnership Perspectives No. 51

Buy from Amazon here:
The Message of the Church (Bible Speaks Today) (The Bible Speaks Today)

US edition available from Amazon here, and for your Kindle here.

Aussie? Koorong has it here.

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