Fiddling with the Bible

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20130412-221220.jpgOne of my heroes and gurus is Dick Lucas – man who has done one thing supremely well for decades: he opens up the Bible and shows us what is in it.


When he was young, Dick loved those little metal puzzles, where two or three wire shapes interlock, and only the most patient and careful twisting and turning can finally unlock them.

He takes a similar approach to the Bible. He can never be satisfied with what he understands, and is always looking for a better way to express it, a clearer view of the text.

The result is that this remarkable man keeps getting better and fresher, because he just keeps on working at the text.

So, this week’s sermon. Have you started on it yet?

The encouragement from Dick would be to be restless. Fiddle. Keep coming back to the text. Look at it from every angle. Don’t give up the quest for the clarity of understanding the treasure of God’s word.

The treasure is in the text.

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