Stop your home groups being home groups



Are your home groups in a rut? Needing something to shake them up?

Here’s an interesting idea – stop meeting in each other’s homes.

I heard recently of a church was pushing back on the idea of being pushed to the margins. They realised they were colluding with the idea of being invisible to a wider society, by only meeting in private

So they stopped it. Now the home groups meet in public:, often in cafés, library lobbies or pubs, pre-booked with the staff, and doing what they always do. Except they do it visibly.

Our local indie coffee shop offers all sorts of groups running through the week, advertised on its blackboard, and it’s only a matter of time before the cults wake up to this. So let’s move fast.

What do you think. Ever tried it? Do you think it might work?

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4 comments on “Stop your home groups being home groups”

  1. Like the idea Chris, often used to do my 121’s with students in coffee shops, Bible’s on table and even praying together briefly. Our small group would be difficult now because of life stage, several families with young children so we meet in one of their homes.

  2. Interesting idea, Chris. We’ve had a hard enough time persuading some groups to move to our central (meeting in church building) small groups because they fear loss of intimacy and privacy for sharing etc. I guess the bigger question then is “what are small groups for?” A question to which I know various answers but none of which I’ve satisfactorily settled on yet!

    1. Yes, the privacy element’s important I’m still not sure what I think, but I do like the public visibility. Maybe for some groups or meetings?

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