The two words every preacher needs to memorise

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twoThis is a Saturday blog post: on a Saturday if I’m preaching, I’m too preoccupied with tomorrow to write a lot, and every preacher is too preoccupied to read a lot.

So, it’s just two words.  The two words that swirl round my head as I stare at the material I’m preaching on tomorrow. Two words as I draft a handout, or design a visual, or keep grappling with the Hebrew, or whatever your Saturday looks like as a preacher.

‘So what?

Assuming that everything I’m about to present to God’s people is true – so what?

Assuming that the exegesis is finally clear – so what?

Assuming that… – so what?

Clarify your answer to that question, and preach it boldly.

Thanks for stopping by, peeps – pile in below!

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