Never, ever, delegate this


Tomorrow is another Sunday when I’m going to be leading new members sessions during our main church services. Basically, I’m going to explain what it’s about during the notices, and then during the song after that I’m going to walk to the back of the building, gather a group of anyone new, and go to a different room for the remainder of the service. I’ve already written about how and why I do that, here.

That means I don’t get to preach tomorrow. And for me, that’s a high price.

Some of my friends ask why I can’t delegate this. Haven’t I got an assistant member of staff, or a senior volunteer who could do this?

Sure I have. I could delegate the coffee, the cake, the talks and the friendly welcome. Of course I could.

But there’s one thing I can’t delegate – and that’s being me. No-one else can give a direct encounter with the person who’s up front and in charge. A large church can seem complex and managerially layered. I could set things up so people had to work hard to have access to my diary. That’s what social organisations do to themselves.

So for people who are new to be on first name terms with me, in my home – that’s a much better way to feel welcomed right to the heart of what we’re about. And I can’t delegate that.

If you want to know more about new members groups, see Why minus four is greater than plus twenty: the curious maths of a growing church and The 10 Key Elements of a New Members Session

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6 comments on “Never, ever, delegate this”

  1. Very helpful. How often do you do this? And why do you do it during a service instead of eg a Sunday afternoon or some other time?

    1. I do it every couple of months, and the date is flagged up on the Welcome leaflet. And we do it during the services because I wanton make it as easy as possible to come, rather than having come back for something else. Our first service is at 9.30 and we repeat at 11.15, so placing it during the service is simple and clean. The kids are in their groups, and I get a text during the final song so we’re back in church by the end of the service for coffee and pick up.

      1. Thanks Chris. Sorry if I’m being slow…. you do all 10 points (from your earlier post) each time or 1 point per time or something else?

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