Even bigger than Star Wars…


I’m delighted to to announce that my next book will be out in the summer. IVP will be publishing it, under the title: ‘Cutting to the Heart: Applying the Bible in Preaching and Teaching.

The basic argument is that God uses his Word to change us to be like Jesus, and when we preach we should work with that end in mind.

The book started as the 2012 Moore College lectures, but is designed to be easy to read, aimed at preaching groups in local churches, and with discussion guides and diagrams throughout.

Along the way we look how the Holy Spirit uses God’s Word in evangelism, apologetics, and deep life-change.

So the winner of the naming competition is Colin Poyntz (with honourable mentions to Lee Furney, Katy Jones-Parry, and Tim Wickham).

Lots more information to come, including giveaways and a dedicated website Cuttingtotheheart.com, but to keep up to date don’t forget to subscribe to this blog:

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