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Hi, I’m Chris Green

I’m a pastor and a writer based in London, and I’m committed to helping pastors lead healthy churches.

That means looking at the key areas of healthy church life: worship, relationships, discipleship, serving one another, evangelism, and training the next generation.  Those all happen by applying the same two principles: God’s Word is taught and applied, and his promises are believed and prayed about.

My books are all focussed on this area, whether it’s an overview (The Message of the Church), real-life help for preachers (Cutting to the Heart), or taking a deep dive into one bible book (The Word of His Grace – Teaching and Preaching Acts). You can find those and more in the bookstore, and there are others in the pipeline.

You won’t find a magic pill or silver bullet on this blog.  I often link to other pastors and writers who are doing are much better job than me.  I’d love you to join in the discussions and share what you’ve learnt. And the answers we reach are often quite normal – like Word and Prayer.

Above all, I believe that growing Christians make a healthy church. And designing the way we grow those Christians is the nuts and bolts of ministry.

I hope you enjoy the blog.