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DIY 2 – Publishing your own church resources is really, really easy and cheap

So, I made a public promise at church, that this Lent we would have a 40 Day Prayer Journal available.  In previous years we’ve had special resources to read through large chunks of the Old or New Testaments together, as a church, synced with a sermon series. This year, we said, ‘Prayer’ Could I find

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What happens before, and what happens after, a sermon

Every so often I go away on a conference to sharpen my preaching skills – in fact, I’m on one at the moment. Something like this has popped up in my diary every year since – well, since a long time ago, and it is one of the top two things that help me improve. 

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The One Thing

There is a huge difference between answering a question hypothetically, and answering it in reality. Take Peter Drucker’s famous clarifying question: ‘What is my single greatest contribution to this organisation?’ I think most Pastors answer that in terms of broad, but good, generalities. I’ve done that too: since I believe that our concern is with

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