That Monday morning feeling

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20130617-074330.jpgFrom the time you leave home on Sunday morning to the time you get back, approximately a gazillion thoughts have flitted through your head.

Some are trivial (because I assume your mind, like mine, occasionally wanders during a song. Shocking, I know). Some are important, but they strike you at an odd moment.

And now, on a Monday morning, you know you ought to be trying to capture them again, but next Sunday is already looming

I think it’s time to give up, admit that our finite, flitting brains need a little help, and go back to basics.

Take a notebook with you’re church. Not just a diary, not just your sermon notes, but a dedicated jottings book for Sundays. A Moleskine would do fine, because they’re unobtrusive and everywhere. And write stuff down as you go. For example…

  • I must write a note of appreciation for the person who led the prayers so sensitively
  • A reminder to speak to someone about the stain on the carpet
  • Get the spelling sorted on that song!
  • The name of the new couple you met
  • Rewrite the notes on ‘How to do the bible reading at church’

And when you get back from church, dump everything else in your brain in there.

But here’s the thing – don’t let them stay there. Those notes need to be reviewed, and actions decided and taken. Sometime on Monday is good, but Tuesday would do fine. Put them into whichever system, paper or electronic, that you use.

Cross them out and next Sunday starts on a new page.



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