Swapping presents

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So you wrap all the presents, put then in the car and head off for Christmas with the relatives – but on the journey the labels fall off.  Ever tried to play ‘Guess the Gift’ as you try to put the right label back?  Like me, you’ve probably put the wrong one back on.  Which means you’ve probably given the wrong present.  We all have.

This Christmas, why not deliberately give the people the wrong presents?

Give your volunteers the present you should give staff: give them clear communication, crisp job descriptions, loving but honest appraisals, encouragements to develop, good training, responsibility, and necessary pressure to stand aside.

Give your staff the present you should give the volunteers: say please and thank you, assume you need to keep motivating them, and that they don’t just turn up for the pay.  Line their work up with the cause of Christ, and tell them why their part of the body matters.

Sometimes people love getting the wrong present.

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