A non-Christian kind of church I like.

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So, I’m sitting in a relaxed and friendly setting, just watching the people engage with each other. Any guesses?

They’re obviously at home. Lots of first name terms, and smiles. Hugs and handshakes too. Mostly young, but not all. Kids obviously welcome. The energy level is quite high.

And they are inclusive – racially, and with a couple of people in wheelchairs fitting like anybody else sitting on any other kind of chair.

Someone’s just spoken to one of the staff at the welcome desk to volunteer to help over the summer.

There’s a term card, a choir, some media resources, and some interesting seminars I can book up for.

It’s easy to fit in.

No, not a church. No Bible, prayer or praise. No focus on Christ. But definitely a challenge to the way we handle relationships.

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