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Elephants and mice: Do churches have to choose between the benefits of being large or small?

Elephants Leaders like it large At our best, leaders like it large because that means more people are hearing, believing and maturing in the gospel.  More people have found a spiritual home.   More people are exercising their gifts in ministry  More people are giving their lives in Christ’s service. More resources can be raised

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The flappy sail – 6 tiny signs to pay attention to as you hit a new season at church

Another sailing cliché that you can mull on as you still enjoy the remnants of that holiday glow.

How can you tell if you’re positioned to get the best possible amount of energy from the wind, to get where you want to go?

You listen, and you look. Because – ‘a flappy sail is not a happy sail.’

Why minus four is greater than plus twenty: the curious maths of a growing church

We had about twenty new people at our newcomers event last time we ran it.  But in the week afterwards, a couple of church families warned me they might be moving away for job reasons. Still, twenty new adults in, four adults out, 20-4=16 – sounds like church growth, doesn’t it? Not so fast, young Jedi.

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The Basics: what Christians need to know, to grow

I’ve been preparing some talks for a short course called Growing Spiritually.  It’s designed to be quite intentional in giving Christians the habits and tools they need for a life-time of Christian maturity. Let me expand that. We are going to look at reading the Bible, praying, giving and fellowship – four essential areas for

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