Try something tiny

The line between here and overwhelm is vanishingly small.


I probably don’t follow you.

I follow quite a small number of people on social media, and those I do I carefully curate.  I either know them in person as a friend, or I know that they will consistently and only encourage me to be a better disciple.

Follow-me-and-I’ll-follow-you-back, not so much.

Even so, for me the line between here and overwhelm is vanishingly small.

Each pastor you follow has a different answer to what we should be doing now.  Every publisher has a new must-read for you.  Ten churches, each doing one small thing, gives you ten small things you could/should/might be doing as well/instead.  Every agency has a new initiative.  Every [insert cause] has an [insert cause] week.

Cue the overwhelm.

This advice is really easy to give, but really hard to follow.  I know.  I’ve tried.

Don’t listen to what even the best people are telling you.

If you have the capacity, just try something – one thing – small. Forget the latest mega-church or micro-church initiative.  Block those out. Keep it small, keep it modest, and see whether your church structures (energy, morale, time, spiritual wellbeing) can sustain it. One small step.

If you don’t have the capacity, don’t even try.  Not yet.  You’re all still recovering.

Jesus is still building his church, and the fact that you’re still meeting as a church proves he hasn’t stopped doing so.

Don’t kill yourselves in the process of recovery.

2 comments on “Try something tiny”

  1. Thank you. We realised we didn’t have capacity to put a light party on ourselves this year, so put a shout out to all the other churches in the town. 3 others said they were in the same situation so we pooled resources and vounteers and shared out the organisation making it a little thing for each of us. As a result we had over 100 come yesterday to a much better “thing” than we could have each done individually, including a fair number of families who don’t go to any of the churches.

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