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‘Cutting to the Heart’

“Cutting to the Heart’ now available in both paperback and ebook form. Publisher’s Description On the Day of Pentecost, when the apostle Peter addressed the crowd, the people were ‘cut to the heart’ and asked how they should respond to what they had just heard (Acts 2:37). According to the letter to the Hebrews, ‘the

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Four reasons I have lots of bibles. And why I have one I don’t read.

Moving house recently meant that there was huge encouragement to de-clutter.  And I did the brave thing of not only de-cluttering the house but de-cluttering my study. I. Chucked. Books. Out. There, I said it. But I don’t think I threw away any bibles, and that wasn’t for either superstitious or nostalgic reasons.  I think

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